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Join us at the David Barley Center on October 6 (7-8:30pm) for our first visiting speaker to find out! Dr. Matthew Hayday will present a paper titled “Constructing Canadian Identities: how Dominion Day and Canada Day celebrations have shaped our Country.”

Congratulations to the Wilson Institute’s own Dr. Asa McKercher! His book, Camelot and Canada: Canadian-American Relations in the Kennedy Era, which explores Canadian-American relations in the 1960s, was reviewed, and quite well, by Macleans. His book is also available for purchase at Oxford University Press.

Call for Proposals:
Undiplomatic History: Rethinking Canada in the World
Hosted by the L.R. Wilson Institute for Canadian History at McMaster University from 28-29 April 2017, the Undiplomatic History: Rethinking Canada in the World workshop, organized by Asa McKercher and Phil Van Huizen, will showcase the very best of the new work being done in Canadian international history by bringing together previously disparate and new approaches to the field and putting them in conversation with other ways of investigating Canada’s history.

“Rethinking Canada in the World”
McGill-Queen’s University Press Fall 2016 catalogue announces new series supported by the Wilson Institute for Canadian History and edited by Dr. Ian McKay and Dr. Sean Mills.

Dr. Asa McKercher, L.R. Wilson Assistant Professor and Instructor of History 3HP3 Historical Practicum Practicum students Robert Pinchen and Elizabeth Ivanecky hose Hamilton’s Auchmar House for their Level 3 History Practicum placement where they researched it’s origin and historical importance to this area. Students can find out more about History Practicum 3HP3. Read about their…

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‘Housoldiers’ helped cook up victory over Nazi Dr. Ian Mosby’s book “Food Will Win the War” has been nominated for a $2,500 Canada Prize in Humanities prize which recognizes the best scholarly books that received funding from the Awards to Scholarly Publications Program. Daily News, March 9, 2016