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Wilson Institute IHAF Event!

Hosted by Maxime Dagenais and Julien Mauduit, the Wilson Institute invites you to a roundtable discussion on the Rebellions of 1837-38.

On 28-29 April 2017, we hosted a workshop titled Undiplomatic History: Rethinking Canada and the World. One of our presenters, Daniel MacFarlane talks about it and other things in a blog post with NICHE. 

Our very own Research Coordinator Maxime Dagenais talked about his past and path to becoming a historian with Unwritten Histories. Here it is in case you missed it: Historian’s Histories: Maxime Dagenais

Wilson Award Winners

A few days ago, we officially revealed the winners of the Viv Nelles Essay Prize and the Wilson Book Prize. For those of you that were unable to attend, here are our winners!

We are hosting several events at this year’s annual meeting of the Canadian Historical Association (CHA) at Ryerson University in Toronto (May 28-31).

New Blog Post!

Check out our new blog post! Alexandra Montgomery’s (PhD Candidate at the University of Pennsylvania) “Not Subject to the Scorn and Contumely of the Great: Alexander McNutt’s Nova Scotia.”