Wilson Institute for Canadian History

About The Wilson Institute

About The Wilson Institute

Founded in 2008, the Wilson Institute for Canadian History (then called the Wilson Centre) is named in honour of its main donor, L.R. (Red) Wilson. It was created with a simple vision: rethink Canadian history, pre- and post-Confederation, within a transnational framework. We seek to understand Canada’s place in a global perspective and how Canada has influenced – or been influenced by – transnational phenomena. Over the years, the Wilson Institute has encouraged and funded transnational history in Canada. The institute offers teaching and research fellowships to recent PhDs, hosts numerous workshops, talks, and conferences, and provides grants and awards to graduate students at McMaster University. To help publish books that rethink Canadian history from transnational and global perspectives, the Wilson Institute also supports the Rethinking Canada in the World Series published by McGill-Queen’s University Press.


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