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  • Winter-Spring 2020 Race and the Color of Democracy Speaker Series

    Check out who’s on tap for our Race and the Colour of Democracy Speaker Series.

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  • 2020-23 Wilson Associates

    Today is another big day for the Wilson Institute as we finally unveil the scholars that were named Wilson Associates for 2020-2023. 

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  • Thinking about the Future of the Past

    Maxime Dagenais talks to Brighter World about his and the Wilson Institute’s involvement in a nation-wide 2.5 million dollar SSHRC Partnership Grant initiative.

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  • H.V. Nelles Graduate Award

    A few weeks ago, we awarded our second Viv Nelles Graduate Award! Check out who won!

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The Wilson Institute for Canadian History

Repenser le Canada dans le monde

Il est temps de repenser le Canada.

Et il est temps de repenser l’histoire du Canada; plusieurs de nos vieux récits, vieux héros, vieilles interprétations, ainsi que nos anciennes catégories et questions ne suffisent plus dans un monde en mutation rapide.

Les Canadiens pourront seulement s’engager intelligemment dans le monde du XXIe siècle – avec son système économique mondialisé, ses catastrophes climatiques globales, son anxiété sociale, et ses nombreuses guerres imminentes – par une compréhension complète et critique du passé de leur pays.

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Rethinking Canada in the World

It is time to re-think Canada.

And it is time to rethink Canadian history, for many of our old narratives, old heroes, old understandings, old categories and old questions no longer suffice in a fast-changing world.

Canadians can only engage intelligently with their twenty-first century world – with its globalized economic system, all-encompassing climate catastrophe, staggering social inequities, and many looming wars – with a full, critical grasp of their country’s past.

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The Wilson Institute for Canadian History and the L.R. Wilson Chair in Canadian History are supported by a generous donation from the Chancellor, L.R. Red Wilson, and McMaster University.

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