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Today is another big day for the Wilson Institute as we finally unveil the scholars that were named Wilson Associates for 2020-2023.

Located in every province of Canada, and abroad, the Wilson Associates have been selected as scholars who are pushing the field of Canadian history in exciting new transnational directions. Each of these dynamic scholars is asking new questions and bringing new perspectives to the writing of Canadian history. Each will be entitled to contribute to the selection of the most boundary-breaking publication in Canadian history and to benefit from the support and services of the Institute.  The Wilson Institute hopes, through building a network of fellows and associates, to create a community of scholars inside and outside Canada exploring transnational history. We hope not only to put these scholars in contact with our Institute, so that we might expand our role in Canadian intellectual life, but also to put them in touch with one another, in a country all too often fragmented in ways that far-ranging transnational approaches stand to remedy. The study of Canadian history is undergoing a renaissance—and these scholars are indispensable to making it happen.

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