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Jeffrey Brison is Program Coordinator for Cultural Studies at Queen’s University and a founding member of the North American Cultural Diplomacy Initiative (NACDi). An Associate Professor of History at Queen’s, he focuses on Canadian-American relations, cultural philanthropy, and the history of cultural policy formation in Canada and the United States. He is author of Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Canada: American Philanthropy and the Arts and Letters in Canada, a study that explores the influence of private American philanthropy on the making of a national culture in Canada. His current study, North Atlantic Men, examines the role philanthropic foundations played in fostering extra-national intellectual and cultural networks of power that connected Canada, the United States, and Great Britain from the end of the First World War to the early years of the Cold War. The study thus explores the function of U.S. philanthropy in the explicitly internationalist construction and reinforcement of the bonds of kinship and culture that were the moorings for the racialized imagined community that has, historically, been described by Winston Churchill and both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt (among many others) as the civilization of “English-speaking peoples,” and has recently been theorized critically as the “Anglosphere.”

Major Publications: