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Kristine Alexander is Canada Research Chair in Child and Youth Studies, Associate Professor of History, and Co-Director of the Institute for Child and Youth Studies at the University of Lethbridge. Her scholarship demonstrates that, in different and intersecting ways, transnational history and the history of childhood force us to look anew at the established frameworks, categories, methods, and sources that continue to shape the writing of modern Canadian history. She uses transnational history and the history of childhood and youth to propose new ways of analyzing and imagining individual lives and broader social structures of power, hierarchy, and violence. Her book Guiding Modern Girls: Girlhood, Empire, and Internationalism in the 1920s and 1930s(UBC Press, 2017) received the Wilson Prize and the Canadian History of Education Association Founders’ Prize for Best English-Language Book, and was short-listed for the CHA’s Wallace K. Ferguson Prize.

Major Publications:

Kristine Alexander, “Why We Need Girls’ Studies.” Girl Museum Blog. June 2019.

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