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Mary Jane Logan McCallum is Professor of History at University of Winnipeg. McCallum’s field of research focuses on modern Indigenous history, with an emphasis on Indigenous women’s history, and the fields of health, labour and education. The scope of Dr. McCallum’s work has included: Indigenization and equity, Indigenous women’s labour history, Indigenous women’s twentieth century history, the history of Indigenous nurses in Canada, Indigenous biography, race and racism in the English Canadian historical profession, Indigenous histories of Tuberculosis in Manitoba; the history of the Community Health Representative program in Canada; Girl Guides in Canadian Indian Residential Schools; the history of First Nations female band suffrage and the first women Chiefs; residential schooling and domestic service; federal Indian policy; Indigenous historical research ethics and Indigenous historical research methodology; colonial archives in Canada; Indian Homemakers’ Clubs and trans-Indigenous post-Second World War women’s history; settler colonialism, racism and Canadian history textbooks, Indigenous women’s historiography, Indigenous health historiography, racism in the health care system, Lunaape (Delaware) language learning; First Nations in the First World War, and digitizing Indigenous historical primary sources. Dr. McCallum serves on the editorial board of the Canadian Historical Review, and on the advisory board of two other journals; additionally, she is the co-editor of the University of British Columbia Press’ Women and Indigenous Studies series. Dr. McCallum is also a nil-appointed Professor of History the University of Manitoba and a long-time Research Associate of Ongomiizwin: Indigenous Institute of Health and Healing.

Major Publications: