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Paula Hastings is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Toronto.  Her fields of specialization are Canada, the British Empire and the Caribbean during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with a thematic emphasis on the transnational production of colonialism/imperialism, race, and nationalism.  She is currently completing a book manuscript entitled Dreams of a Tropical Canada: Race, Empire, and Canadian Aspirations in the Caribbean Basin, 1870-1966, and has begun research on a second book-length project, tentatively titled Reorienting the Map around the Pacific: The Panama Canal and Shifting Spatial Imaginaries in Twentieth Century Canada.  Her work has appeared in Histoire Sociale / Social History, the Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, the American Review of Canadian Studies, and several edited collections.

Major Publications:

“Territorial Spoils, Transnational Black Resistance, and Canada’s Evolving Autonomy during the First World War,” Histoire Sociale / Social History 47:94 (June 2014), 443-470;

“Empire, Continent, and Transnationalism in Canadian History: Essays in Honor of John Herd Thompson,” with Jacob A.C. Remes, American Review of Canadian Studies45, 1 (Spring 2015), 1-7;

“Rounding off the Confederation: Geopolitics, tropicality, and Canada’s ‘destiny’ in the West Indies in the early twentieth century,” Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 13:2 (August 2013)