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The Role of the Academy in Preserving an Accurate Record of a Nation’s History

On 24 November 2016, following a fireside chat featuring Drs. Patrick Deane and L.R. Wilson, the Wilson Institute for Canadian History will host a discussion panel/roundtable on “the role of the university in preserving and creating Canada’s past.” As Canada’s 150th AnniversaMcMaster-Seminar-on-Higher-Education-The-Role-of-the-Academy-11x17-2016-v2ry is fast approaching, Canada’s history is on everyone’s mind. Though most will take the time to commemorate and remember our past, the Wilson Institute invites all to discover how our history is preserved and created within the walls of Canadian universities. Each panelist, a specialist on Canadian history, will offer insight on the many ways universities ensure the preservation of our past, our memories, and our most important material artifacts. Following this event, we invite you all to remain and attend a book launch featuring two Wilson fellows: current fellow Asa McKercher and past fellow Colin McCullough.