Current Wilson Fellows 2020-2021

Jodey Nurse (Assistant Professor) 

Phone: 905-525-9140 Ext. 26425
Office: L.R. Wilson Hall, Room 2007

Dr. Jodey Nurse is an L. R. Wilson Assistant Professor at the Wilson Institute for Canadian History. A graduate of Queen’s University and the University of Guelph, as well as a recent post-doctoral fellow in the Department of History at the University of Waterloo, she is currently researching the history of Canada’s supply-managed dairy, egg, and poultry industries. Central to her work is the examination of asymmetrical power relations among stakeholders in agricultural marketing systems and the polarized agricultural policies that have emerged in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. She also studies and writes about women in agricultural organizations and rural society more generally.



Mary Chaktsiris, 2018-2020 – Visiting Assistant Professor
Heather Green, 2018-2019Postdoctoral Fellow
Julien Mauduit, 2017-2019Visiting Assistant Professor
Jennifer Tunnicliffe, 2017-2018Visiting Assistant Professor
Amanda Ricci, 2016-2018 – Postdoctoral Fellow
Stacy Nation-Knapper, 2016-2018 – Postdoctoral Fellow
Asa McKercher, 2015-2017 – Visiting Assistant Professor
Phil Van Huizen, 2015-2017 – Visiting Assistant Professor
Ian Mosby, 2014-2016 – Postdoctoral Fellow
Jennifer Bonnell, 2013-2015 – Visiting Assistant Professor
Colin McCullough, 2013-2015 – Postdoctoral Fellow
Katharine Rollwagen, 2013-2014Visiting Assistant Professor
Maxime Dagenais, 2012-2014Postdoctoral Fellow
Alexandre Dubé, 2012-2013 – Visiting Assistant Professor
Dan Horner, 2011-2013Postdoctoral Fellow
Stuart Henderson, 2011-2013 Visiting Assistant Professor
Tim Pearson, 2010-2012Visiting Assistant Professor


Julie Gilmour, 2009-2011Postdoctoral Fellow 
Aya Fujiwara, 2009-2011
Postdoctoral Fellow
John Varty, 2009-2011
Visiting Assistant Professor
Peter Cook, 2009-2010 – Visiting Assistant Professor