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Wilson Visiting Speakers 2017-2018

Leaving Canada150 behind, our Visiting Speaker Series will be divided into two series’ this year. The first will return to our more traditional practice of hosting a variety of speakers on a variety of themes. Our second series will continue what we started with Canada150 and invite speakers to present papers and/or discuss a specific theme. This year’s theme is: the History of Capitalism. Our aim is to approach the topic in a critical and nuanced manner, and we hope to invite a wide variety of historians, working on various periods, peoples, and regions.

Though we are still working on our speaker list, we can already confirm that we will cohost two transnational indigenous historians with Indigenous Studies here at McMaster: Elizabeth Ellis (New York University) and James Hill (Mississippi State University). While James will expand on a blog post he published with Beyond Borders on a group of globe-trotting Creek and Cherokee diplomats, Liz will discuss her involvement with the Standing Rock water protectors. We will also cohost Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, as part of our History of Capitalism series, with Indigenous Studies.

A detailed schedule will be posted soon!

Preliminary Schedule

Traditional Series

  • Elizabeth Ellis, New York University (3:30pm, September 28, 2018) w/ Indigenous Studies
    “Beyond Standing Rock: Activism, Academia, and the Fight for Sovereignty in the 21st Century”

    • Location: Indigenous Circle (between the Faculty Club and Whidden Hall). **In the event of rain, this talk will take place at the Indigenous Ceremonial Room, L.R. Wilson Hall, room 1010.**
  • Animal Studies Conference (1-4pm, November 30, 2017) w/ Dr. Tracy McDonald, holder of a SSHRC Insight Grant for the study of animal history.
    • Location: McMaster Univeristy, LRW Wilson Hall 1003.
  • James Hill, Mississippi State University (3:30pm, March 15, 2018)
    “A Voyage ‘Ill Advised’: Creek and Cherokee Experiences in Nova Scotia, Quebec,
    and Upper Canada, 

    • Location: McMaster Univeristy, LRW Wilson Hall 2001.


History of Capitalism Series: 

  • Jason Opal, McGill University (October 26, 2017)
    “Beyond Barbados: The Relocation of the Sugar Economy and the Rise of Anglo-American Capitalism, 1630s-1670s”

    • Location: McMaster Univeristy, LRW Wilson Hall 2001.
  • John Weaver, McMaster University (3:30pm, February 8, 2018)
    Farmers and Capitalism: Restructuring an Agrarian Country, New Zealand, 1975 – 1990

    • Location: McMaster Univeristy, LRW Wilson Hall 2001
  • Allan Greer, McGill University (2:30pm, March 1, 2018)  Capitalism and Colonization?  Land Grabs in 17th Century North America
    • Location: McMaster Univeristy, LRW Wilson Hall 2001.
  • Catherine Desbarats, McGill University (2:30pm, April 5, 2018)
    Money and Empire in New France

    • Location: McMaster Univeristy, LRW Wilson Hall 2001.


Locations and times are still to be determined.